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Musituality was created by Amran Ellahi, Mick Perrier and Rich Batsford - three men of different faiths who each found music an inspirational part of their spiritual journey. Building on the success of an initial collaboration, the organisation seeks to promote harmony and understanding amongst people of all faiths and backgrounds by creating musical events featuring religious or spiritually inspired music to soothe the spirit and inspire the soul.

2009 The first Musituality event in May 2009 combined the music of Aa'shiq al-Rasul (Islamic Qawwali and Nasheed) with St Mary's Schola (Christian Church music from the Renaissance onwards) and Rich Batsford's solo piano music which is influenced by his Buddhist practice.

The three musical performances were each accompanied by projections of still and moving images custom designed and delivered byLeon Trimble and the concert took place in the iconic setting of Birmingham Cathedral. A sell out crowd of over 300 people from many faiths and backgrounds found the evening to be a hugely enjoyable and inspirational experience.

The Musituality team is currently seeking partners to collaborate in extending our successful concert series into 2010 in Birmingham and in the rest of the UK and beyond. If you are interested in putting on an event, or would like to attend a concert and would like to hear when one comes up near you, then please contact us.